ScotRail implemented Trapeze’s Driver Advise System to six of their fleets

Published January 30, 2016 in Blog

Following a rigorous supplier selection process, Abellio ScotRail has selected TTG Transportation Technology (TTG) to provide its multi-award winning Energymiser Driver Advisory System (DAS) and integrated DAS Energy Metering System (DAS-EM), for six of their fleets.

TTG has successfully deployed its Energymiser system onto 55 x Class 170 DMU’s and its integrated DAS/EM system onto 40 x Class 334 EMU’fs. This contract award will incorporate an additional 38 x 156 DMU’s, 40 x Class 158 DMU’s, 38 x Class 380 DMU’s, 21 x Class 318 EMU’s, 22 x Class 320 EMU’s and 14 x Class 321 EMU’s.

Further quantities are expected to include 46 x AT200 EMU’s, 24 x AT201 EMU’s and 56 x Class 27 High Speed Trains to be cascaded from Great Western, bringing the total fitments to 730 cabs, the largest deployment of DAS and DAS/EM in the UK. The contract is for the provision of a full turnkey service comprising: system supply, design, engineering, installation, approvals, field, operations, and maintenance support.

Abellio ScotRail’s Energy Manager, Phil Dickson said: “We will be working with TTG to ensure the system is deployed in an effective and timely manner and the project objectives are achieved. We are very pleased to continue working with TTG, with whom our collaboration has pioneered the first application of DAS/EM to the UK Rail sector and has provided significant benefits to date.”

Dale Coleman, Group Managing Director of TTG, commented: “We are delighted to be selected by Abellio ScotRail to deploy our system onto these additional fleets and look forward to continuing the good work done over the past two years”. The selection process was very thorough and our success confirms our Energymiser system as a world-leading
DAS and UK market leader. We will be working with Abellio to ensure the system is upgraded to C-DAS, so that our client is able to maximise the benefits of the system as soon as possible.

About TTG Transportation Technology

TTG Transportation Technology is a leading international provider of products and services to optimise energy efficiency, schedules and network capacity of passenger, freight and heavy haul rail; at both planning and operational stages. Combining consultancy, software, engineering and manufacture with domain expertise in all facets of the industry, TTG’s solutions are proven in use across 5 continents and specifically in Australia, Europe, New Zealand, India, China and Africa.

TTG’s flagship product Energymiser, follows 16 years R&D with leading universities, providing real‐time driver advice and performance reports to reduce energy (by up to 23%) and emissions, improving on‐time arrivals and utilisation of rail capacity, whilsts reducing maintenance costs of trains and railway tracks. TTG has offices in Sydney, Derby and Beijing and is backed by leading Australian research and patented technology.


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