How better public transport transforms great cities into smart cities

Published July 08, 2018 in eBook/Whitepaper

Smart transport and mobility are commonly considered key challenges for cities, as urbanisation and a global population boom intensify congestion and the burden on infrastructure.

With congested roads negatively impacting productivity, quality of life and the environment, moving commuters out of private cars and into public transport is an intuitive and obvious step. Transport authorities are poised to lead the way.

This whitepaper reviews a variety of technological advancements that transport authorities can exploit to create a smarter, more integrated public transport network that is more efficient and attractive to passengers. Learn how other Smart Cities like Singapore and Dubai are transforming transit for a better future.

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Information technology for public transport (ITxPT)

Find out how ITxPT open standards allow different public transport systems to easily interface with each other to reduce testing, development time, and costs.

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Mode of Transport

Bus, Trams/Light Rail, Ferry


Intelligent Transport Systems

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