Austrics - Optimsie your bus

Optimise your bus operations

AUSTRICS Optimiser’s flexibility and superior optimisation capability delivers everything bus operators need to run their business as efficiently and profitably as possible – easily addressing the most complex planning and scheduling requirements.

AUSTRICS Optimiser uses the combined power of the MATCRU™ and MATOPT™ programs, simultaneously optimising vehicle and crew schedules to achieve unparalleled results and the best operational solution.


Shift Optimisation

Generate crew schedules using shift optimisation and incorporate applicable awards and conditions, such as fatigue management.

Shift optimisation is the most complex planning and scheduling issue for software programs to deal with, but it is also AUSTRICS’ strength. It needs to consider a range of operational factors and variables including:

  • Driver award conditions for each day type.
  • Operational driver and vehicle constraints.
  • Driver allowances.
  • Potential relief opportunities (e.g., walk, staff car, staff bus, passenger travel), and
  • Non-service work.

The result is a crew schedule that not only maximises efficiency but can also be easily operationalised.


Turbo Charged Performance

Our commitment to research and development of Austrics Optimisation technology has delivered significant speed and performance improvements, allowing users to achieve the best operational results even faster, unlocking further productivity benefits for their teams.

Austrics can now also be easily deployed in the Cloud, providing scalable processing power so you can turbo charge the performance of your planning & scheduling optimisation tasks.