The Modaxo family

Connecting people with the places they need to go

Modaxo is the home of many of the world’s most respected and widely used transport technology companies, including Trapeze Group, Corethree, AEP, Pcentra, Corvanta and many more. Working both together and independently, Modaxo businesses, like Trapeze, are focused on delivering software and technology solutions that help connect people with the places they need to go for work, family, and everyday life.

Modaxo is Constellation Software’s (TSE: CSU) people transportation portfolio. Our sole focus on people transportation is reflected in Modaxo’s mission to enable the daily movement of 1 billion people by 2030.


The Modaxo difference

Our focus is local and global

Working with Modaxo companies means the best of both worlds: globally leading solutions specifically developed to meet customer needs, delivered and supported by expert local teams that know customers and the sector.

No other organisation brings together so many different businesses, competencies, and experiences under one global banner to focus exclusively on people transportation.