How Sapphire Coast Buslines Scaled Up

Published December 03, 2018 in Video/Webinar

Jamie Klemm, Managing Director of Sapphire Coast Buslines, shares her journey of growing her bus operation and uncovering efficiencies through integrated technology.

Duration: 2 minutes 12 seconds

Video Transcript:

We’re Sapphire Coast Buslines and we’re based on the New South Wales Sapphire Coast.

We operate 35 timetabled bus routes as well as school bus services in Bega Valley Shire.

When we bought this company in 2005, it was entirely reliant on paper and manual records to do every process.

Any information that was stored digitally was stuck in different software programs and they didn’t talk to each other.

This meant we would make mistakes like data entry errors, or miss things because information was missing or difficult to look up.

We knew if we wanted to get any bigger, we needed to change the system. It wasn’t sustainable.

I analysed how long it was taking us to do things and where manual processes were letting us down – and I knew we needed to switch to an integrated Enterprise Resource Planning system.

We got Trapeze to demonstrate their software and we were just blown away by it.

It had everything we needed – school, charter, roster, operations and fleet – and it was all integrated.

The fact that the debtor module and the charter module talk, the fleet management module talks to the creditor module – it was the missing link that we were looking for.

Once we got the Trapeze ERP solution up and running, we could see the benefits almost immediately.

Our operations staff could do their jobs quicker, services in the workshop became simpler and we could make claims more effectively.

We saved $30,000 a year once the Trapeze system was integrated. We cut down on about 30 hours per week in admin time.

The biggest win was knowing that our data was more accurate. We’ve been able to meet our KPIs and our data is more efficient and effective. We’ve saved cost with Trapeze.


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