Trapeze receives ITxPT label for IDR on-board units

Published November 15, 2021 in Article

Managing and transmitting vehicle data is an essential requirement for bus, rail, and ferry operators. However, the onboard vehicle technology that enables this element of fleet management has often suffered from a lack of standardisation and interoperability, with the potential for multiple sensors and systems requiring multiple onboard computers and communication equipment. For example:

Trapeze’s Intelligent Data Router (IDR) with ITxPT support acts as a single communication platform for information and voice services between drivers, passengers, and control centres – reducing on-vehicle hardware and associated costs and making it easier for users to integrate third-party modules. This creates open and standardised architecture, like below:

Trapeze’s Intelligent Data Router – ITxPT Approved

Trapeze’s IDR is certified by the Information Technology for Public Transport (ITxPT) Organisation. ITxPT promotes interoperability between IT systems in public transport by offering a public specification of IT architecture based on standards, with open interfaces for on-board, over-the-air and back-office IT systems.

The labelling for the Trapeze IDR certified the vehicle hardware (interfaces, cables, etc.) and basic software with a range of different services, specifically:

    • The hardware meets the basic requirements (S01)
    • The following software services (S02) were certified:
        • Module Inventory (module status)
        • Time (time reference)
        • GNSS (location)
        • FMS2IP (CAN-FMS IP based)
        • Vehicle2IP (data from vehicle computer)
        • AVMS – Advanced Vehicle Monitoring System Services (ITCS data)
        • MQTT broker

Trapeze showed its leadership by being one of the first providers to have been granted the ITxPT label for its application in both Fleet Management Service (FMS) to IP and Vehicle to IP data sharing scenarios.

FMS to IP Communication

This enables users to extract information output by vehicles using the Fleet Management System standard FMS gateway, including:

    • Fuel and oil levels
    • Battery charge in electric vehicles
    • Additional engine information, such as engine hours and tachograph information

Vehicle to IP Communication

Trapeze’s IDR also supports information from additional sensors within the vehicle, including:

    • Contact sensors on doors
    • Contact sensors on windows
    • Additional information outside of the Fleet Management System standard FMS gateway

Trapeze and ITxPT

Trapeze is an ITxPT Principal Member, and we actively contribute to ITxPT Committees and Working Groups. Trapeze is not only implementing the ITxPT standards, but our field experience of integration with other vendors provides feedback to develop them.

The ITxPT standards will evolve, and there is now a critical mass for all in-vehicle and peripheral purchases to use the ITxPT standards. Leading vehicle manufacturers are ITxPT ready, with new vehicles prewired to meet these standards. Many industry leaders have already developed hardware that meets the ITxPT standard, and more are in the process of being certified. Transport authorities and operators are now specifying that the ITxPT label should be required in tenders or specifications for new or retrofitted vehicles.

These standards will enable more efficient and cost-effective adoption of new innovations – delivering more solution flexibility through enhanced levels of supplier independence.


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