Connect with your drivers

Helps drivers deliver better services

TEAMS provides taxi operators the ability to communicate with drivers for multiple purposes. User-friendly TEAMS driver apps can be provided as a fixed mobile data terminal (MDT) within the vehicle, or an Android smartphone app so that drivers have access at any time. It provides features for drivers to view their details and status, make more money, and view current and past performance. TEAMS improves your drivers’ working lives in several ways so they can make a good living, do their job better, and deliver better services.


No more keys required

TEAMS (Driver Connect) automates driver and vehicle processes, making it easier for drivers to do their job.

Key rooms are no longer required, which avoids lengthy queues and saves a significant amount of time which drivers can use more productively to gain more fares. Cars can be allocated quickly using Artificial Intelligence (AI) and drivers can easily find their vehicle for their shift, regardless of location (e.g., depot or street) using in-built navigation. Sign on is a quick, keyless process, using a swipe card or mobile phone. No network connection is required, as the system can work offline. Security and anti-tampering are increased as only assigned drivers can access the vehicle for dedicated shifts, using either facial recognition or fingerprint technology. When accessing the vehicle, drivers know if the taxi is fit for service or if maintenance is required as fuel level, battery voltage, and odometer readings are displayed. During a shift, drivers can also monitor their behaviour in real-time, including harsh braking and acceleration, which promotes improved driving.


Efficient driver communications

Communications include driver information (e.g., payments, training, targets), shift alerts and start times, taxi allocations, and job alerts. During a shift, the system can be set to control how long and how often a driver is permitted to be outside of the vehicle.

TEAMS also has an ‘End of Shift’ feature that manages the maximum period a driver can work based on company standards or industry regulations. The system will notify drivers when they have reached the end of the shift, so they can proceed back to base for shift completion. Other communications include warning messages such as vehicle services, driver licence expiration, suspension notices and scheduled training courses. TEAMS also has an emergency alarm and alert feature to help increase driver safety.


Make more money and avoid penalties

TEAMS uses the historical and live booking data to predict areas of high demand, which is displayed in the vehicle as a heat map, so drivers know which areas to operate in for passenger demand.

Heat maps can be generated using multiple interfaces, including geographical displays and lists. For example:

  • Green – the area requires more vehicles
  • Red – the area does not require more vehicles
  • Yellow – demand is neutral

Drivers can also enable the in-taxi shop option so they can increase revenue by selling items such as bottled water, top-up cards or internet access. This gives your drivers more options to generate revenue for themselves, their families and the taxi operator. The TEAMS in-vehicle equipment can issue automatic speeding alerts to warn drivers, helping them avoid fines.


Easy navigation

State-of-the-art 3D navigation helps keep taxi journeys on track.

Drivers can arrive at their pick-up points quicker and move passengers to their destinations as quickly as possible so they can move on to the next job. Routes are calculated using street-level navigation and can be set up for offline service access to provide the best performance.


Simplify passenger interactions

Improve communication between drivers and passengers with an app that can automatically translate verbal instructions from the passengers’ preferred language into the drivers.

This prevents frustration and misunderstanding for both parties. Multiple languages are available via the interface. Instructions from the passenger are then translated into the drivers’ preferred language. In addition, the TEAMS Lost and Found function allows drivers to easily return lost passenger items. The interface contains features such as the vehicle where the lost item was found to help a speedy and safe return to the passenger.


Fatigue and behaviour management

Manage fatigue and poor behaviour to enhance driver and passenger safety, The system can predict when a driver needs a rest break, with the fatigue management feature that is based on defined working hours.

It will inform drivers and supervisors when a driver is required to take a rest break in accordance with the fatigue rules and regulations. Also, if integrated with the camera monitoring, the system can detect driver conditions such as being drowsy, not looking at the road, using a phone, or lane digression.


Easy payment options

​Easily collect passenger fares, using cash, credit cards, accounts, or mobile devices.

The payment module speeds up the fare collection process and allows drivers to quickly move on to the next job. You can also choose to integrate TEAMS with cash deposit machines so that drivers can deposit their cash takings for the day at ATMs instead of lining up for a cashier at the depot. The machine will provide the driver with the amount they need to pay and a receipt for the payments made.