Connect your entire operations

TEAMS is a sophisticated one-stop-shop solution that helps you manage taxi business complexities and stay connected with the critical aspects of your operation from the control centre.

It helps manage your multifaceted and extensive business rules and provides management tools for viewing and monitoring performance in real-time.



The bookings interface allows you to search and manage all bookings.

It also allows you to view historical, current, and future job bookings for a specified area. Recurring and permanent bookings are also catered for. The interface also sends driver messages, estimates fares, and provides arrival times. The TEAMS event user interface allows a taxi operator to create and manage large event bookings, including bulk bookings. TEAMS conducts available vehicle searches with driver messaging, optimising services for the area. Booking trends can also be analysed.


Job dispatch

Capable of handling large volumes of data, TEAMS provides a complete environment for the automatic processing of bookings from initial data entry to job allocation, driver notifications, passenger notifications and feedback, vehicle monitoring, shift reporting and cashiering.

The vehicle reservation and dispatch component is an advanced solution for control centres with real-time fleet information for call takers and customer bookings. The system is fully automated, but also allows an operations manager to intervene whenever they need to.


Service area control

TEAMS provides you with the tools to manage and control operational areas.

You can define working and non-working areas, for example, preventing drivers from undertaking pick-ups or drop-offs in certain areas. You can also define dispatch processes for different areas and geographic rules.


Track your entire fleet

TEAMS allows transport authorities and taxi operators to track the entire fleet in real-time, as well providing insights and reporting.

Always know where your vehicles are located, how many are signed on, and view active jobs. Statistics such as vehicle movements, paid kilometres and black trips can be viewed in real-time and analysed.


Influence driver behaviour

TEAMS constantly monitors vehicle operations and all trips in real-time and will alert the control centre of suspicious driver behaviour such as harsh acceleration and braking, speeding, and harsh cornering.

Operations can also run behaviour reports and analyse driver behaviour data at any time. Operations have access to a driver suspension system, and a driver training system to assist in improving driver skills and behaviour.