Connect with your passengers

Surpass expectations

Today’s taxi customers expect more: more convenience, more flexibility, and more value. Meet and surpass their expectations with a system that enhances the taxi experience. Find out how you can make every passenger experience a great one.



Benefit from open APIs

Give your passengers more ways to find and book your services. TEAMS has open APIs that let you create customer-facing mobile apps or websites with real-time information and booking capability. This allows you to offer bookings via smartphone, online web forms as well as a call centre within a single operations system. Frequent users can also set up recurring bookings.


Passenger information

Customer app

After a passenger has made a booking, they can track their dispatched taxi until it arrives. Your operations centre can configure alerts that inform passengers how far away their taxi is and the estimated time of arrival. Throughout the journey, passengers can stay connected with in-vehicle WiFi, as well as attraction information and infotainment options. The customer app can also be configured to allow passengers to track their taxi during their trip until they reach their destination. The share link service allows the passenger to share a link with a friend, so they can track the trip as well.


Language translation

In-taxi translation service

Passengers can use the in-taxi language translation services which allows them to speak into their smartphone in their own language and have it translated for the driver, and vice versa. The destination service allows the passenger to select a destination from a map using their own mobile phone and language, and then automatically sends the request to the driver, in the driver’s language.


Payments and e-receipts

Cash, card and contactless payments

With TEAMS, drivers can handle cash, card, and contactless payments as well. Customers can choose to share a cab and split the fare or you can give them the option to add on a donation to their fare to raise money for charities. You can even integrate cashless payment cards for passengers on a business or personal account. Passengers can go paperless with e-receipts for every taxi trip. Receipts can be emailed immediately once the fare has been paid.


Lost and found

Lost items get found!

Easily track and recover your passengers’ belongings. Customers frequently forget items in taxis such as mobile phones, wallets, and other personal items. With just a couple of details about their trip items are quickly found and returned. Your company and driver can turn what might potentially be a negative experience into a positive encounter, as seen in the news.


Surveys and driver ratings

Ratings provide insights

Authorities and operators can easily collect customer satisfaction responses to specific survey questions, such as taxi cleanliness, and an overall happiness rating for each trip. Passengers can view driver details and provide a star rating which includes fields for driving skills and attitude. These ratings are sent to drivers, taxi operators, and transport authorities which help improve taxi services.