Arriva Sweden: Dynamic workforce planning for a changing world

Arriva Sweden has 2,500 employees and operates regional trains, commuter trains and trams throughout Sweden, as well as five major operational depots. Arriva, like all other rail operators, need to manage their workforce needs which involve complex requirements and conditions. These conditions can change frequently and can be hard to manage using time-consuming manual systems. Disruptions can further complicate matters, and it can be difficult to adapt to new operating scenarios and manage compliance.

Arriva Sweden have used Trapeze’s Rail Workforce Management (WFM) software since 2012. The software allows Arriva to model all rail activities, workforce requirements, and associated costs quickly and efficiently. They know the personnel and financial impacts of all potential schedule changes, and the software allows for effective disruption management.

Arriva WFM Results and Success

    • Efficient workforce planning
    • Accurate personnel data
    • Qualification and licence tracking
    • Compliance and accreditation management

Overall, the system efficiencies save Arriva time and money, and improves the working lives of their employees.

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Mode of Transport

Rail, Trams/Light Rail


Workforce Management

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