Dubai RTA on Enhancing Efficiency and the Customer Experience

Dubai RTA on Enhancing Efficiency and the Customer Experience

Adel Shakri (Director – Transportation Systems) and Tariq Ismail Mohammad (Deputy Director & Manager – Transportation Systems) from the Dubai Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) discuss how they improved efficiency and saved AED500 million through the innovative use of taxi technology.

Duration: 4 minutes.

Video Transcript:

Dubai is one of the fastest-growing cities in the world.

RTA is responsible for roads, traffic and transport, including all transport infrastructures and all operation of all modes of transport. Our vision is to have safe and smooth transportation for all in Dubai.

We aim to accomplish this with innovative technology and world-class best practice.

As part of our efforts to transform Dubai into a Smart City, we collaborated with Trapeze to grow and expand the application of its taxi management system.

Today, a comprehensive solution is business-critical to our daily operations – not just for taxis, but all public and private transport in Dubai.

Trapeze’s taxi solution is able to receive, store, analyse and report on data from every taxi in our fleet. It can deal with large volumes of taxi bookings and handle huge amounts of data.

We have approximately 10,800 taxis generating and sending data every second. The Trapeze system is able to process and manage this huge amount of data and analyse it for anything we need, whether it is advanced intelligence requests or information for customer requests.

For example, if someone loses their wallet in a taxi, they just need to give us one or two details about their journey.

Using the Trapeze system, we can find out which taxi they used and get their things back for them.

It is a simple process for us, but it makes customers happy.

We are also using machine-learning capabilities to analyse historical and live operational data to produce heat maps that show us where the demand for taxi rides is the highest.

This improves fleet performance and saves time for the driver. To date, this feature has increased our revenue by 3%.

We also share data from the Trapeze taxi solution with other government departments, such as Dubai Police and Dubai Tourism. This information is critical for monitoring congestion and safety.

The data from the taxi fleet is also integrated with data from buses, ferries, metro, ride-sharing private companies and limousine hire.

It feeds our S’hail and Smart Drive apps, which gives people a single place to find and compare all their options for transport in Dubai.

The Trapeze solution has seen considerable advancements over the years. Today, we have:

Automatic seat sensors that start the meters when a passenger enters the vehicles;

    • Real-time passenger notifications and alerts;
    • Over-the-air software updates;
    • Automated speeding warnings;
    • Automatic tollgate detection.

These features have led to more efficiency, a better customer experience and smoother operations, resulting in savings of more than AED500 million.

We have worked with Trapeze for almost 25 years.

In this time, their technology has grown with the dreams and goals of Dubai.

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