C-DAS technical whitepaper

Explore how the integration of Connected Driving Advice Systems (C-DAS) with safety-critical systems such as European Train Control Systems (ETCS) and UK Network Rail’s LINX message broker is critical to maximising decarbonisation opportunities available to railways.

DAS is a mature product widely deployed in revenue service. It has delivered significant and quantifiable benefits for rail operators and in many jurisdictions its use has been mandated by railway operators over a period of many years. SNCF is France’s national state-owned railway and includes the signature high speed service, the TGV.

SNCF uses some 7TWh of electricity in France annually – 3% of all electricity consumed in the country. SNCF installed Energymiser on all TGV trains to achieve energy consumption savings of up to 10%, saving millions in electricity bills annually and significantly reducing Co2 emissions.

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Driving Advice System (DAS)

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